2014 – Maximum Yield USA

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ONA is well known in the hydroponics industry and has developed a great reputation as being an excellent product for neutralizing undesirable odors. Although our reputation precedes us, we continually work to expand our market, and a presence in Maximum Yield Magazine helps us accomplish that objective.

2012 – Maximum Yield UK

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Maximum Yield is not only a prominent hydroponics magazine in North America, it is also well known in the UK and Europe.  ONA has become known as a premier odor neutralizer not just in the United States and Canada, but is now being sold in Europe and the UK.  Read about the company history and the direction ONA is headed.

2006 – Maximum Yield Industry News

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Maximum Yield is one of the premier magazines in the hydroponics industry and in 2006, they ran a feature article on Odorchem and their premium product – ONA Odor Neutralizing Agent. Read here how a Vancouver firefighter, working in the HazMat division, set out to overcome odor pollution and eventually developed a potent odor neutralizer – that everyone now fondly knows as ONA.